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Who is Apollon

Apollon is a medical cannabis company based in Jamaica, where it holds a suite of licences and is fully regulated, allowing the company to work with full spectrum oils inclusive of THC. The company plans, using its own formulations, to develop medicines for conditions that afflict humans in the modern world.

As part of its product development, Apollon uses State-of-the art medical AI technology to create a full line of patient specific medicines by determining the best combinations of cannabinoids to target and optimise the treatment of diseases.

Scientific data is at the core of Apollon’s work, which is why it has partnered with Doc’s Wellness Centre in Negril, Jamaica, to run government approved medically supervised treatments using its own formulations. Apollon has also verified the efficacy of its medicines through a leading US based pharmaceutical testing facility.

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Our Strategy

Our strategy is to become the premier global medical cannabis company legally licensed to develop successful personalised clinical treatment utilizing artificial intelligence on clinical trial patient data.

Apollon’s Research & Development Licence allows drug discovery using THC and other cannabinoids. This allows Apollon to be the rare European listed company conducting medically supervised trials using THC to develop new therapeutics.